Caffeine free

At the end of May I went without coffee (or any caffeine for that matter) for 2 days. I had a terrible headache as a result. Realizing I was dependent on caffeine, I then wanted to ensure I never had one of these episodes again. This was while only drinking coffee every other day or so. Not wanting to break the streak I set out to go caffeine free for June. It’s now August and I have only had decaf coffee and less than a handful of caffeinated teas.

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Restless Creativeness

Restless: adj – unable to rest or relax.

Creativeness: noun – the ability to create

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FYI: MacOS Dark Mode is Space Gray

You probably already have an opinion about the new dark mode that arrived in MacOS Mojave last fall. Some love it (like myself) and others are not thrilled about it and I’m sure there are many more who are indifferent. However you feel about it, I would like to bring to your attention that the two color choices actually match the two computer hardware colors; silver and space gray. I discovered this on my own a while back but figured it would be fun to share for those who hadn’t made this connection.

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Smash Bros. Ultimate choose your fighter screen with Piranha Plant selected as player 1.

Smash Bros. Ultimate: Piranha Plant Unlock issues? Try this…

Nintendo shipped the System 7.0 and Smash Brothers 2.0 update to us. The 2.0 Smash update includes a number of tweaks and changes to the game but also included the much awaited fighter: Piranha Plant.

I preordered the digital version way back in November and redeemed my code for Piranha Plant before December. So I was a bit surprised today when I fired up the game after installing the 7.0 update to find no new fighter, even though 2.0 installed automatically.

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One year of MacOS


It was exactly one year ago I picked up my brand new(at the time) MacBook Pro. The photo above is one I took when it was in the back of our car after picking it up from a big box retailer. It’s a rather unassuming image, but I love how it captures the newness of it, still shrink wrapped, ready to be taken home, used and enjoyed. Continue reading